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Welcome to Aftershock!
Thank you for being a part of our clan. Here in this clan we strive to be as active as possible through general conversation, donating, and helping teach each other what we have learned in our battles and clan wars. If you have any constructive criticism to help our clan get better and better, whether about our clan interaction or how we mange the clan, please let us know, we are all a team!

Membership requirements:
  • Level 20+
  • TH 3+
  • Level 2+ Archers

Clan Rules
All clan rules are subject to change based on the ever-changing needs of the clan.

1. You must be active or you will be kicked. To be considered active you must fit the following criteria.
  • Donate 50 Friend in Need (FIN) troops per season. This can be found by clicking the blue "i" and looking next to your name.
  • Using both attacks in a Clan Wars
  • If you don't feel comfortable talking with everyone on the chat, at least just let someone know you are on so we don't think you aren't playing the game and striving to become a better clasher.
2. Elder is a privilege. Don't ask for it. In this clan Elder is earned by: 
  • Donating 150+ FIN troops each season, failure to do so will also result in demotion until it is earned again
  • Loyalty. Loyalty to the clan is shown by staying an active member in the clan, helping fellow clashers, and recruiting members that fit the requirements for the clan. Even before you are an elder, you can still recruit members without sending invitations, other elders and leaders will accept requests. Failure to help recruit is a liable reason for demotion.
3. Co-Leader is also a privilege. Don't ask for it. In this clan Co-Leader is appointed. To be considered for Co-Leader you must:
  • be Level 60+
  • be donating at least 300+ troops each season
  • go above and beyond in assisting with battle strategy, layouts, general conversation with fellow clan members, and recruiting
  • If you ask to be promoted, there is a very good chance that you will be kicked. Don't even think about it.
4. No swearing. We understand that swearing is easy to forget, and is a part of our society. We just ask that you try to keep conversation clean as possible. You won't be kicked for swearing unless it gets out of control. Conversation should also be clean.

5. Get into a league as soon as you can. Each member needs to be in a league, it helps non-members see that we are an active clan and that the members are battling and striving to get better.

6. Do not harass other clashers. This is not eHarmony, we are not here to find our soul mates. Don't ask people for their number, skype, kik, or to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. Sexual topics, discrimination, and racism will not be tolerated. You WILL be kicked.

7. No clan hopping. Once you leave, you are out, even if we are in war and you left and want to come back. You are gone for good.

8. Have fun!

*If you have a problem with any of these rules, talk to us! If you have a good reason for changing a rule or adding a rule, we will take it into consideration and may change it for you.

**Life happens. If something major is happening in your life and you can't meet the activity requirements, talk to us. If we don't know, we can't help you.
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